TIAG Conference

John O’Connell and Hugh McGeown from our Senior Team attended the TAG Alliance Conference in Vancouver earlier this year.

We’re very proud to be the Irish member of The International Accountancy Group (TIAG®), a global network of leading international accountancy firms that we’ve been part of for almost twenty years.

TAG Alliance is the overarching global network that brings together the best independent professional services, from accountancy (TIAG®), legal firms (TAGLaw®), and other services.

This was a chance to enhance our networking ability and knowledge from accountancy and legal and related firms across the world, in order to deliver better advice, services, and support to our clients who have international goals and needs.

Get in touch to find out more about how being part of TAG Alliance and The International Accountancy Group (TIAG®) means that we can help you in your needs and ambitions.