People can often put their business before themselves, working out their company’s long-term objectives, while neglecting their own personal goals. HSOC recognises that everyone’s circumstances are unique. Our asset management services assess your current position‚ identify your personal and professional goals, and advise on the most efficient way to get there.

Services include:

  • Retirement/Succession planning
  • Personal financial health check
  • Pension provision
  • Investment advice
  • Life cover guidance
Succession & Retirement Planning

There are a number of extremely valuable tax reliefs relating to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), potentially available on the transfer of trading assets and it has been well-signalled that these are under threat of abolition or restriction. Added to this are likely future increases in the CGT and CAT rates, as well as reductions in CAT-free thresholds.

As a result, many clients who have been considering their personal retirement for some time are taking advantage of the current tax regime to plan the transfer of assets.

While many of our clients often consider their overall wealth and estate plan from a tax perspective only, we encourage a holistic approach including commercial and practical issues, such as likely investment growth, the realities of asset management and personal cashflow.

We also understand that family dynamics and relationships are a key driver in producing a comprehensive plan for personal retirement planning. It is here that our cross-disciplinary team excels, as our financial services team works closely with our tax advisors to cover all issues surrounding investment strategies, pension planning, and the tax implications of gifts and inheritances.

Succession of an owner-manager business is another extremely important element of retirement planning, whether by way of outright disposal of the business or by passing management on to the next generation, who may or may not be family members.

We assist our clients in creating a succession plan in order to facilitate their retirement by focusing on both their personal needs, the needs of their family and their business.

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