In 2003, HSOC was invited to become the Irish member of The International Accounting Group (TIAG ®), a worldwide network of quality independent accountancy firms with the same goal – to provide a high standard of professional advice and local market knowledge to other members and their clients.

This global approach enables HSOC to provide excellent accounting and taxation services to our clients both at home and abroad.
To maintain the highest quality, all TIAG firms commit to common objectives and standards, including:

  • Providing excellent, timely and cost-effective accounting services
  • Developing and maintaining strong client relationships and personal service, enhanced by the international resources shared among network members
  • Communicating clearly with clients on terms of professional engagement and progress of business.

Our membership of this network is significantly enhanced by TIAG’s relationship with its sister network of legal firms, TAGLaw. This allows us the unique opportunity to source legal advice from highly regarded legal firms across the globe. TAGLaw is ranked among the five largest legal networks in the world. The combined sister networks now include more than 290 member firms in 100 countries.