October 15, 2018

Budget highlights

Last weeks budget provided for modest changes to USC rates with income tax rates staying the…
August 8, 2013

Supports for Business – 2013 Leaflet

The 2013 HSOC Business Support Leaflet includes important tax briefs, business briefs and legal briefs. The…
June 8, 2013

Reminder of 2013 Budget

Before the budget is announced in October 2013 it is a good idea to remind…
March 5, 2013

Finance Bill 2013 – Is there any good news for your business

6 key measures coming into effect.
In his 2013 Budget speech in December, the Minister for Finance introduced…
April 11, 2012

Sign up to HSOC’s quarterly newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter is full of up to date information that includes commentary and facts…
December 25, 2011

New Partner Appointment

Shane O’Connell has been appointed Partner in HSOC Financial & Business Advisors. Shane has developed…
May 17, 2011

How do I know if my company is insolvent?

A key question that most businesses have asked themselves over the past 2 years is…
March 5, 2011

HSOC Financial & Business Advisors Quarterly Leaflets 2011

HSOC Financial & Business Advisors Issue 1 2011.pdf HSOC Financial & Business Advisors Issue 2…
February 15, 2011

HSOC Financial & Business Advisors Quarterly Leaflets 2010

HSOC Issue 1 2010.pdf HSOC Issue 2 2010.pdf HSOC Issue 3 2010.pdf HSOC Issue 4…
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