A Career
with HSOC

With over 50 years of experience in training staff to become qualified accountants, professionals, and experts, and a place where the best come to progress their careers.
A training firm

We pride ourselves on being a training firm that offers the best opportunities to pass professional exams and excel in chosen roles. We help staff to become to become qualified accountants, qualified tax professionals, and payroll experts.

Every year trainees start their professional exam journey through HSOC, which usually takes 3 years for accountancy and taxation roles, and 2 years for payroll. Exam leave is provided, and day-to-day work assists in understanding the theory.

We adopt a hands-on approach to helping trainees and offer support at every step, which results in our trainee’s success rates in exams being exceptionally high.

Develop your career

Any professional within accountancy, tax and payroll can develop, progress and excel at HSOC. Our audit department has opportunities for qualified accountants to work on our diverse client base across every industry, from sole traders to companies with turnovers in the billions.

Trainees often stay with HSOC and continue within the firm. There is no glass ceiling here. Indeed the Managing Director and a Senior Partner both began as trainees, moving up through levels, and started their own sections within the firm.

At HSOC we have a history of innovation and proactively listening to staff to push the business forward.

Full Time Payroll Trainee

Full training with educational support leading to a professional payroll qualification will be provided


At HSOC we offer exceptional Graduate Training packages that ensure our students obtain the breadth and depth of training necessary for a successful future career in accountancy or tax.
Quality Experience

Trainees enter a three-and-a-half-year training contract where they can specialise in certain areas. They gain quality experience in auditing, accountancy and taxation, with hands-on involvement. We invest heavily in education and training for our trainees and staff in order to develop them to their best potential.

Excellent Results

We have an excellent examination pass rate, thanks to our next-level study package and training environment that promotes success. Indeed, many of our past trainees now hold senior roles across Irish business as finance directors, financial controllers and key decision makers, while others have become partners here at HSOC.

Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Position

We are currently offering a two year apprenticeship, where candidates will have an opportunity to achieve a diploma in accounting while also having two years hands on industry experience.

Trainee Chartered Accountant Position

At HSOC, we have designed our graduate training programme to ensure our graduates get the opportunity to achieve their goal of becoming a Charted Accountant, while also remaining a key part of our firms team on a day to day basis.

Get in touch if you have any questions about any of our training programmes or careers.

Get in touch if you have any questions about any of our training programmes or careers.