Our story

Since 1971, we’ve worked with a vast range of domestic and international clients. And over that time, we have developed a unique philosophy and approach to doing business. A set of core beliefs that unite us all at HSOC.
We believe in friendships

And building deep relationships with those we represent.

We believe in service

At a different level. Creating opportunities. And shared successes.

We believe in real connections

And that caring about our clients’ businesses, lives and ambitions makes us better accountants, advisors and investors.

We believe in personal communication

And that when you call, someone should answer.

We believe you
deserve attention

And promise you’ll always have ours.

Senior Team


HSOC was invited to become the Irish member of The International Accounting Group (TIAG®) in 2003, part of TAG Alliances.

TAG Alliances is one of the world’s largest multidisciplinary alliances of independent professional services firms, across accounting, legal, and other professional services, allowing members to leverage global reach and local expertise to facilitate the cross-border goals and needs of clients.

This global network of alliances helps us to offer accounting and taxation services at the highest level to clients at home and internationally, through partnership and knowledge sharing with other TIAG® members across the world.

It also means that we work with a network of legal firms, TAGLaw® (a part of TAG Alliances), which allows us to source legal advice from leading law firms around the globe. Indeed, it’s among the five largest legal networks in the world.

This unique ability to work with leading, independent accountancy and legal firms across the world significantly enhances the expertise that we can offer to our clients.


Chartered Accountants Ireland Membership
We're a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland, which provides education, representation and support that allows us to give the best possible service to our clients.

Chartered Accountants are Ireland’s leading business professionals who provide essential strategic guidance across all business sectors. To become a Chartered Accountant requires professionals to pass a series of demanding examinations, to reach the most qualified levels within the industry. As such, Chartered Accountants are seen as the most respected members of the profession, and at HSOC we have an unrivalled team of Chartered Accountants and tax consultants, that offer service at another level.

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