At HSOC our aim is to provide high quality services tailored specific to each individual clients needs, be they a large corporate, a sole trader or landlord.

Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to deliver sustainable, cost effective solutions to enable them meet their business needs. We strive to deliver value added services of the highest quality.

A wealth of accounting and taxation experience

After a number of mergers over the years HSOC has 40 years of experience in Audit and Taxation. We have had the opportunity to work with a diverse client base gaining experience on a wide range of issues facing both Irish and overseas businesses.

International Practice

TIAG is a Worldwide Alliance of Independent Accounting Firms of which HSOC has been a member firm since 2003. We therefore have access to accounting and taxation experts in over 65 countries. Consequently, we can offer specialist accounting and taxation advices on international transactions.

Tailored Specialised Advice

We recognise that our clients’ business and personal financial needs evolve over their lifetime and during various economic cycles.

In order to best serve our clients, our dedicated departments can take a business through every stage; from start-up business plans and specialist advice on securing appropriate financing, to business expansion and corporate recovery advice, business liquidation, succession planning and disposal.

Advising clients on business and personal level

We work with clients through wealth accumulation and investment advice strategies, planning for retirement and passing wealth to the next generation.

Our experienced partners, along with their teams, work very closely with our clients who are active in a wide range of industries.

Always offering more

In addition to providing excellent compliance services and all professional advices sought, we also work hard to continuously identify and offer new financial opportunities to our clients.