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1 June 2017 – Mandatory E-filing. Are you ready?

From 1 June 2017, the CRO will introduce mandatory electronic filing for the following forms:

  • B1 Annual return
  • B2 Change of registered office
  • B10 Change of director/secretary and or their details
  • B73 Nomination of a new annual return date

The main benefit of filing these documents electronically is the cost savings in relation to printing & postage and filing fees. There is no fee for filing forms B2, B10 & B73 electronically and the cost of filing a B1 electronically is €20 (usually €40 for a paper B1).

When filing your annual return electronically from 1 June 2017 you must:

  • File the form B1 electronically (either on Core or through another company secretarial software system)
  • Upload financial statements in PDF format with typed signatures and dates (within 28 days of e-filing the B1)
  • Pay your fee electronically (via CRO account or credit/debit card)
  • The form can be signed digitally by a director and secretary using a ROS certificate or a paper B1 signature page must be submitted to the CRO.
  • In the case of a company’s electronic filing agent digitally signing the B1, a patch page and overall certificate must be submitted to the CRO.

Paper forms or paper financial statements will be returned if filed after 1 June 2017 and if this leads to your annual return being filed late the consequences are late filing fees and loss of audit exemption for a period of at least 2 years.

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